Senior Information

Guidance Notes and Timeline for Seniors

Class of 2016


August and September

  • Meet with Mrs. Hunter to check your credits and discuss post-secondary and career plans.  You must have the 40/47 required credits by the end of 2nd semester completed to participate in graduation.
  • Register for the SAT or ACT if you have not taken either one yet or are not happy with your scores from junior year. See guidance for information on registering.  If you receive free or reduced lunch you are eligible for a fee waiver.  You must get that from Mrs. Hunter before registering. You must register online at: for the SAT Reasoning test ($50.00) and at for the ACT with writing ($50.50). Without writing is NOT an option!

SAT Test Date     Registration Date

December 5                         November 5                        
January 23                           December 28                      
March 5                               February 5                            
May 7                                  April  8                                   
June 4                                 May 5                                    



   ACT Test Date     Registration Date

      December 12                       November 6                
February 6                            January 8                             
April 9                                   March 4                                 
       June 11                                 May 6                                     



   ***Must include on registration for HHS to receive scores so they appear on your transcript.  You must also send scores directly to colleges when you register.

College entrance exam scores are a critical part of the college admission process.  However, IVY TECH and other technical colleges usually do NOT require the SAT or ACT.


  • Register on Indiana e-transcript to have your transcript sent to the colleges which you are going to apply – Narrow down the list of schools to which you will apply.  Apply on-line to those schools or request a paper application. Request a transcript through parchment or bring in the application informing the guidance office, either Mrs. Hunter or Mrs. Bultemeir that you need a transcript for the application.
  • Start a resume of a list of school activities, community service activities, work experience and internship/externship experiences.  You will need this to complete scholarship applications and give to someone who will write a letter of recommendation for you.  If you do not have many things to list, you still have time to get involved with some group or activity.
  • Check the “Scholarship Wall” outside of guidance,,, register for Fastweb at and college financial aid web pages.  Check the information every week to two weeks.  Scholarships are also attached to the newsletter.
  • If you are planning to play Division 1 or 2 NCAA sports, apply to the NCAA Clearinghouse at See Mrs. Hunter or your coach.
  • Have your parents complete a “college costs forecaster” to find out how much financial aid you might be eligible for.  Parents can complete a 4caster form on  This is a great opportunity to see how much financial aid you might be eligible for before April.


  • Make plans to visit the college campuses on your list or to shadow someone in a career that you are interested in pursuing. 
  • Use the internet to continue to research colleges and narrow your college choices. Great websites include:;;
  • Work on completing applications and submitting them by November 1st if you have your SAT or ACT scores.
  • If you have not taken the SAT or ACT, refer to dates and deadlines listed above.  DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!!  Check with Mrs. Hunter if your school of choice requires the test.
  • Continue to stop by the guidance office to look at the “Scholarship Wall” and ask questions. Remember that scholarships are also posted on the HHS website.  It is your responsibility to find scholarships and plan financially to pay for college.


  • Complete college applications!!  Make Thanksgiving break your deadline.  Make sure to request a transcript from Mrs. Bultemeier or Mrs. Hunter or through parchment.
  • Continue to check the “Scholarship Wall” and newsletter
  • If you have not done so, schedule a college visit or job shadow.


  • Scholarships, scholarships, scholarships.  Work on your resume so that you can complete as many as you can over Christmas vacation.  Although the applications will not be available, you can look at the Community Foundation of Fort Wayne, for the list of local scholarships that you might be eligible for.  A complete list and application will be available in February.
  • December graduates should make sure that they have the necessary credits for graduation and will need to meet with Mrs. Hunter to complete a senior exit survey.


  • Start work on your FAFSA form and compile tax information.  The FAFSA cannot be sent before January 1, 2016.  It must be received by March 10th, 2016.  Without submitting this form, you will not be eligible for state or federal grant money or loans.  You must file online at Keep a copy for your records.
  • Attend the FAFSA Financial Aid Day with your parents.  (Date will be announced in the guidance newsletter posted on the HHS website.  Date will be February.)
  • Continue to check for scholarships.


  • Complete your FAFSA.  Remember that you and a parent must have a pin number to sign electronically.  It must be submitted by March 10th, 2016.  Keep a copy for your records.
  • Continue to check for scholarships.
  • Colleges should be sending you letters of acceptance.  Begin to finalize selections and plans.


  • Submit your FAFSA if you have not done so by March 10th, 2016.
  • Local scholarships will be due.  Listen to announcements and check the guidance newsletter on the website for due date.
  • Mrs. Robinson will meet with students in AP courses to sign up for the exams in May.
  • Continue to determine future plans.  Notify colleges that you are NOT going to attend.


  • Make your final college choice by April 30.  Make colleges aware of your choice.
  • Send thank you letters to anyone who wrote you recommendation letters and helped you along the way.


  • AP exams will be given during the first two weeks of May.  A schedule will be given to you.
  • Relax!!!  Enjoy your last month of school but keep your grades up. 

Graduation-Saturday, June 4th @ 7pm.