Principal Christensen (far left) sits at a lunch table with 5 Heritage female students.

Pictured: Principal Becky Christensen (far left) interacts with students at lunchtime. 

"I want kids to want to be here.” 

 During a busy afternoon in March, Principal Rebecca Christensen was sweeping up raisins that a student had spilled in the hallway.

Christensen, entering the home stretch of her first full year as the principal, has been unafraid of taking on such jobs. She is often seen in the hallways, being sure that students are moving along, and she has even helped with transportation, ensuring that students get home at times when they are stuck at school due to bus issues. When there was a drainage issue in the restroom, she was on the scene. 

She has demonstrated her passion for making Heritage a great school for all, having told the Patriot Post earlier this school year that her primary goal was to create a supportive school environment that staff and students are proud to be a part of. 

While taking care of the raisins, she said her goals at this point are to “improve attendance, better the behavior of students, and support the staff and students of Heritage by improving the environment of the school.”

In regard to the goal of student attendance, she said, “I want kids to want to be here.” 

Christensen wants the student body’s help in accomplishing the on-going goal of improving the school’s culture. She recommended for students to “get to know someone new or add someone to your friend group and make them feel appreciated.” She added, “[I want students to] get involved in school activities such as a sport, band, or theater.”

In comparison to other schools, Christensen said it is the diversity and family dynamic at Heritage that make it stand out. “The family dynamic at Heritage is what gets some kids and staff up in the morning and ready to come to school.”

Some of the things Christensen is looking forward to as the school year nears its conclusion are spring sports, the school play, and senior week. 

She said in regard to senior week, "I don't like saying goodbye to them [the seniors], but I love celebrating their accomplishments.”

Looking ahead to the 2023-2024 school year, some of the goals she has are to get more students involved in extracurricular activities, to continue to improve attendance, and to continue building improvements.